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Fundermax Interior, ideal solution for your home

Kitchens, furnitures and other interior products, looks better and are more durable when they are made with Fundermax Interior. Front supplies with compact interior more than hundred of interior producers in Kosovo and region.

Heat resistent
Easy to clean
Solvent resist.
Scratch resist.
Easy to install
Various decors

FUNDERMAX INTERIOR – can do whatever your imagination allows you

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Contemporary designs kitchens, modern tables, cubicles (partially enclosed workspaces), office equipment, wall-claddings that gives another dimensions to you living or working space… All these look more beautiful when they are produced with FunderMax Interier.

What are FunderMax Compact Interior panels?

FunderMax Compact Interior panels are laminate panels manufactured in high temperature and pressure in accordance with EN 438 standard. They have a high consistence and are suitable for any indoor use, particularly in sanitary and wet rooms.

Compact Interior panels are not affected by low or high temperatures, either by water or moisture presence on the area of application. The surface of the panels is scratch and impact resistant. They do not require any specific maintenance and are very easy to clean (you can do it with ordinary cleansing agents).

Panels dimensions and colors

FunderMax Compact Interior panels are produced in large dimensions and different thicknesses. The four dimensions (not all colors are produced in all dimensions) are: 4100 mm x 1854 mm, 4100 mm x 1300 mm, 2800 mm x 1854 mm and 2800 mm x 1300 mm, and can be ordered according to their best usage. Panels can be from 1 mm to 20 mm in thickness.

FunderMax panels are produced in variety of decors, too. There are more than 100 decors in the Fundermax Interior products line, including plain color decors, wood and fancy decors, metallic, authentic or even individual decors, produced on request.

HPL with thickness 1 mm

All interior decors, including some special ones, such as metallic, are produced only in the thin format. These are 1.2 mm thickness panels with décor in only one side and can be used to overlay different parts of your furniture.

By covering different wooden surfaces, such as pure wood board, MDF or melamine boards, with this thin HPL product, you provide them not only the desired color, but also some of the additional features of compact boards, including scratch resistance, moisture and heat resistance.

Selected Fundermax Compact interior decors

0794 Patina Bronze
0585 Castello Decor
0415 Monte Decor
0048 Cognac Eiche
0920 Natural Silver Fir
0877 Light Sawcut Oak

Fundermax Interior panels’ application

FunderMax Compact Interior panels can be applied in various details of your indoor space (house, apartment, office). Some of the applications will be described below.

Kitchen is the perfect place for FunderMax Interier application, where they are mostly used as worktop. The panels also serve as wall cladding for the part connected to the worktop, replacing the classic ceramic tiles and maintaining the same design and the same color in this section of the kitchen. With broad décor collection, you will be able to create a very comfortable and pleasant cooking environment.

With FunderMax you can produce very modern and long-lasting furniture. The panels can be cut and combined in different shapes and colors, helping your to create countless designs of tables, wardrobes, cupboards, shelves, chairs, and anything else you may have imagined. As a result of theirs special features, products manufactured with HPL-compact panels can be placed anywhere inside your apartment, office, shop or house (kitchen, bathrooms or balconies).

FunderMax Interior is widely used for wall claddings in private houses or public spaces, such as hospitals, swimming pools, stations, schools and other buildings. By combining colors and shapes to cover the classical interior walls you can create a cozy and modern environment. FunderMax Interior panels allow various design possibilities for mobile walls, pillars, railing and ceilings, too.

FunderMax panels are particularly suited for cubicles. You can use them to separate certain areas within the working space or to create separate toilet rooms in public places. This way, you give partial intimacy to your space, without impeding the communication and without being forced to completely divide the space.

FunderMax produces a special line of HPL compact panels, Max Resistance, that is intended for indoor use in laboratories, hospitals and surgery suites, in the food industry, as well as in schools and wherever absolute cleanliness and protection is required. Max Resistence panels are covered with special coating and, in contrast to other compact work surfaces, are unaffected when come into contact with even the most concentrated or aggressive chemicals.

Fundermax Compact is widely used in balconies, both internal and external. If the balconies are in exterior, the Max Exterior panels are applied. U can cut and combine different shapes and colors, this way giving your balconies the desired design, but also commodity and intimacy to your everyday life.

Thanks to its water resistant features and its hygienic surface, FunderMax Compact Interior panels can serve as the washbasins, as well as constructive material for furniture and wall cladding in wet areas.

Fundermax has a special product line with rough hexagonal surface. Those panels, which can be used for exterior and interior, are particularly designed for slippy areas, such as floors and stairs surrounding swimming pools. While compact panels giving stability and elegance to your swimming pool zone, the hexagonal surface prevents sliding, giving an extra security.

FunderMax panels are suitable for producing high-quality doors, such as cabinet doors, public spaces’ doors (toilets, cubicles, stations), as well as usual room doors. FRONT also provides a thin FunderMax HPL (1 mm), that can be used to overlay existing doors, giving them the desired decor and the technical advantages offered by HPL.