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The following projects gallery contains some of exterior and interior projects made by us and our partners. You may click in each categories, if you want to see only interior or only exterior projects.


Hib Petrol’s Headquarters

Dardha, BP Home

Kitchens with Fundermax III

German Residence, Prishtina

Zhaki Advertising

ACG, residential building

Central Bank of Kosovo, Prizren

Kitchens with Fundermax – worktops and countertops

Riera, Prishtina

Autosalon, Prishtina

The Vushtrri Castle

Hib Petrol, Veternik – Prishtina

HIb Petrol, Ferizaj

Hib Petrol, Gjilan

Hib Petrol, Komoran

Kulla e Verdhë, residential building

Civil Registration Center, Kosovo

BP Home 1

BP Home 2

Qerimi bakery

Puhiza, Pristina

World Bank offices in Kosovo

Haribo offices in Prishtina

Five Star fitness center, Prishtina

Kivo, Ferizaj

Gashi Center, Kijeva

Restaurant Univers

City Store shopping center, Lipjan

Private house, Gjakova

Underground pass, Prishtina

Private houses colection

Kastrati Group, Peja

Commercial building, Prizren

Këneta, Ferizaj

Keneta Ferizaj, second building


Institutional building, Novoberda

Shota Ensemble

Exterior details

Kitchen details

Interior details with Fundermax

Interior, tables

Kitchen designs with Fundermax Interior

Various doors and yard designs

Amazona Hotel

Alba Qeramika

Kulla Hotel, Peja

ADK, residential building

Autoservis Center, Peja

Bunjamini, Mitrovica

Employment Office, Mitrovica

Private building, Mitrovica

Albi Hotel, Peja

Villa Humolli, Pristina

Private villa, Pristina

Private house, Pristina

House in Prishtina

House in Prishtina

Villa in Prishtina

Villa house Miros, Ferizaj

Morina Villa

Private House, Ferizaj