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Front gives another dimension to your building, with Max Exterior F-Quality panels. Those are high quality products, which beside Europe, are very popular in Far East and USA, too. Ekoton Terracota is another great and more economical solutions, that we offer to our clients.

Cembrit fibre-cement products all have qualities that make them ideal for design and construction projects where great combinations of attractive appearance and lightweight, long-lasting resilience are required.

Cembrit, Building Better Days

Fundermax Compact Exterior are the highest quality panels available on the market for ventilated façade application. These panels are fire retardant and are very resistant toward extreme weather conditions. Max Exterior have a special external layer that prevents the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation giving them lightfast properties.

Fundermax Exterier

The FRONT Group works with terracotta ventilated façades, as well. Here, the building’s façade is composed of clay (argil) tiles made of up different dimensions. Terracotta tiles show a high resistance towards atmospheric agents, offering all the advantages of ventilated façades. Our company is the exclusive representative of the biggest Turkish terracotta manufacturer, Ekos.

Ekoton Terracotta

Flame retardant
UV-layer (lightfast)
Solvent resistant
Scratch resistant
Extremely weather resistant
Decor variability

Fundermax, world leader in the HPL-compact production

FRONT is exclusive representative of the Austrian producer Fundermax, which is world leader in the HPL compact panels production.

Fundermax compacts are highest quality panels in the market for both interior and exterior application. Exterior panels, known as Max Exterior, are duromer high-pressure laminates (HPL) in accordance with EN 438-6 that are produced in lamination presses under great pressure and high temperature. Max Exterior is high-quality construction product used in different exterior details such as ventilated façade, balconies, garage doors, railings or outdoor floors.

The special feature of the exterior compact-panels Max Exterior F Quality is the fire resistance. Another feature, double-hardened acrylic polyurethane resins, provides extremely effective weather protection that is particularly suitable for long-lasting balcony and façade claddings.

This layer gives the panel an additional hydro insulation and physical strength toward external impacts. It also serves as color protection from the ultraviolet rays, giving to Max Extierior panels a lightfast property.

Fundermax panels are produced in large dimensions (4100x1854mm, 4100x1300mm, 2800x1854mm and 2800x1300mm), and can be cut into various pieces, giving you unlimited options for combining different shapes.

Max Exterier collection contains more than 120 decors, both unicolor and color combinations, grouped in different categories (nature, metallic, and material, authentic and individual décor).


Fundermax Exterior is flame retardant panel and belongs to the class B-s2, D0.

Easy to install

Compact panels are easy to install products, especially from well trained and experienced professionals.

Easy to clean

The compact panels’ surface can be easily cleaned, and you can do it only with towel, water or detergents.

Temperature resistant

Max Exterior are resistant in extreme temperature changes, from the extreme freeze to the extreme heat.

Scratch and impact resistant

Scratches and mild impacts do not damage the external layer of the Fundermax panels.

Solvent resistan

Max Exterior panels are not affected by the high levels of moisture or by the continuous contact with water (rain or snow).

Décor variability

Max Exterior collection contains more than 120 decors, both plain colors and color combinations such as wooden, metallic, material or individual décors.

Different shapes

Fundermax Panels are produced in large dimensions and can be cut and combine in unlimited number of forms.


Exterior panels have lightfast properties, since they are equipped with a special layer that prevents the ultraviolet negative effects (30 years lightfast warranty).