Advanced exterior and interior solutions

Advanced exterior and interior solutions

FRONT is now the leading company in Kosovo offering exclusive products and services for building exteriors and interiors. Fundermax Compact Panels, Ekoton Terracotta and Q-Vent sub-construction materials are just some of the products we operate with in Kosovo and the Balkan region.

FRONT gives modern design to your building with Fundermax

Façade – the exterior of the building – is the architecture’s most important part. In addition to the modern design it gives to your building, the façade plays an important role in weather resistance, the longevity of the building and its adaptation toward different urban areas.

FRONT’s mission is –

– to provide the most advanced exterior and interior solutions in order to give beauty, style, comfort and durability to your building.

Façade and the architecture

Typical feature of the ventilated façade is that the panels such as Fundermax Compact, can be cut and combined in different shapes and colors, allowing you to create various architecture details in your façade and giving unlimited design options for your building.

Fundermax, world class brand

Fundermax is one of the world’s biggest names and Europe-wide largest producer of HPL compact panels and melamine panels that have broad application in exterior and interior uses.

Thirty percent less expenses

All products that Front is working with are world class brands that show an excelent performance against the atmosferic agents. Façades with our products will lower your expenses in heating/cooling for 30 percent, compared with traditional façades

FRONT INTERIOR, whatever your imagination allows you

Contemporary designs kitchens, modern tables, cubicles (partially enclosed workspaces), office equipment, wall-claddings that gives another dimensions to you living or working space… All these look more beautiful when they are produced with FunderMax Interier.

Front Interior is exclusive supplier of Fundermax compact panels for indoor use.  They are high quality HPL-panels for unlimited indoor applications, – how long that your imagination allows you. Lean more about Fundermax Interior…

Projects gallery

During the recent years, in cooperation with our partners we have cladded with ventilated façade some of the most exclusive buildings in Kosovo. Actually tens of other buildings are under construction, too. The following gallery shows some of reference projects made with our products. Click the link here or visit the Gallery page, to see more from our reference buildings…


Hib Petrol’s Headquarters

Dardha, BP Home

German Residence, Prishtina

Zhaki Advertising

ACG, residential building

Central Bank of Kosovo, Prizren

Riera, Prishtina

Autosalon, Prishtina

Helping you build better with Cembrit

Cembrit is one of the leading European manufacturers of multi-capability fibre-cement building products. Our products and solutions add exciting new design opportunities for moulding attractive, durable settings for people’s lives.
But Cembrit is more than mere products. We also help make all kinds of design and construction projects easier – as well as more profitable, inspiring and effective. And for us, all construction also involves building relations with people, making your day better, and helping you make the day better for others.
Making it a day to remember.

Ekoton, a qualitative and economic façade solution

Rainscreen facade with Terracotta is another solution that FRONT offer. Those are earthenware, clay-based boards, which show a high resistance against the atmospheric agents, too. Our company is exclusive partner of Turkish manufacturer of terracotta, Ekos. The following gallery contains some ventilated facade project made with Ekoton.

Ekos clinker tiles

At FRONT now you may find Ekos – clinker tiles, too. Those are fully natural products, made in high temperatures, that gives original character and long lasting for your building’s inner and outer walls. They come in various formats and colors, including a special HANDMADE line.


Slip-resistant, weather-resistant, resistant to deformation, UV-resistant, ecologically sound, sustainable and much, much more… There are lots of good reasons to use our WPC decking boards made from the hi-tech material RAUWOOD.

FRONT – exclusive partner of REHAU Relazzo for Kosovo and Albania.

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