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Ekoton Terracotta

Ekos is the biggest terracotta producer in Turkey. With their innovative technology, Ekos is quickly becoming a key player in the Southeast Europe and Asian markets.

Ekoton Terracotta, a qualitative and economic façade solution

Terracotta is a modern and economical solution for the external façade. Here, the building’s façade is composed of clay (argil) tiles made of up different dimensions.

Terracotta tiles show a high resistance towards atmospheric agents, offering all the advantages of ventilated façades.

The FRONT Group is the exclusive representative of the biggest Turkish terracotta manufacturer, Ekos. Terracotta panels and tiles from this manufacturer, known as EKOTON, are high quality, natural and ecological products that save energy by maintaining freshness during the summer and warmth during the winter.

EKOTON offers a full range of design options too, in terms of colors and shapes, which can be combined giving aesthetic, beauty and longevity to your object.

The gallery below features architecture with EKOTON terracotta ventilated façades.