Advanced exterior and interior solutions

Continuous professional support

FRONT works with high professional principles, based on European management and technical standards. One of our strongest points is the service and technical support we offer, such as the detailed projecting of the ventilated façades, supervision of the project execution, advanced training for the façade installation groups, and technical information support for architectural and projecting studios.

What does FRONT LLC offer?

Founded in 2009, FRONT is now leading company, offering exclusive products and services for exterior and interior. Fundermax Compact Panels, Ekoton Terracotta and Q-Vent sub-construction materials are among the products we operate with in Kosovo and Balkan region.

During this seven year experience, FRONT has worked with hundreds of projects in exterior sector (projection, sales, management and installation), including business buildings, apartment/residential buildings, individual houses projects, and other exclusive exterior products.

In cooperation with our partners, we have taken part in thousands of interior projects too, such as kitchens, tables, furniture, wall claddings and cubicles.

FRONT Group offers continuous professional support to all partners/clients, including planning, architecture or design assistance, technical support, marketing and management assistance.

Ventilated façade projecting and suppervision

Ventilated façade installation

Professional support during the installation

FRONT Group works with most modern European architecture systems for:

  1. Exterior: HPL Exterior Compact Panels, fiber cement boards, Terracotta tiles, clinker tiles, and aluminum sub-construction for application in ventilated façade projects.
  2. Interior: HPL Interior Compact Panels with thickness from 1 to 20 mm and melamine panels for wide range of applications in interior. Our products show a high grade of moisture-resistance and may be used for special applications, such as in laboratories and hospitals, and high humidity and extreme condition areas such as kitchen, bathrooms and toilets, or even in swimming pools.

Our focus during 2015

Fundermax Exterior
Fundermax Interior
Happy Clients
Projecting and engineering

Fundermax is one of the world’s biggest names and Europe-wide largest producer of HPL Compact Panels and Melamine panels that have broad application in exterior and interior uses.

Cembrit, Danmark
Cembrit is one of the leading European manufacturers of multi-capability fibre-cement building products. These boards are widely used for wall-cladding in buildings with ventilated façade.
Ekos, Turkey

Ekos is the biggest terracotta producer in Turkey. With their innovative technology, Ekos is quickly becoming a key player in the Southeast Europe and Asian markets.

Q-Vent, Bulgaria

Q-Vent – European brand focused on sub-construction system production (aluminium profiles and accessories) that have a specific application in the ventilated façade industry.

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